Same Day Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service


In most occasions, people usually wait until they have a pile of dirty clothes to start thinking about doing laundry. However, this often comes with a lot of inconvenience considering the amount of effort and time that will be required to perform the tasks. Besides, you will also need adequate space for drying all the clothes after doing the laundry, which could be quite hard to find.

Although there are several options when it comes to laundry and dry cleaning, hiring professional same day laundry and dry cleaning services can offer you so much convenience, while also preserving your clothes in pristine condition. Whether you urgently need clean clothes for an evening occasion or a trip, professional same day laundry is always the best way to go.

Benefits of Same Day Laundry and Dry Cleaning

One of the obvious benefits of hiring express laundry services is the time saving aspect that it offers you. The main element of same day is speed, making sure your clothes are effectively cleaned in the shortest time. This could be useful in cases whereby the clothes you need to wear to an occasion or work are dirty and, could take so much time to clean when doing the laundry on your own.

For businesses that require their workers to put on clean uniforms every day, same day laundry and dry cleaning is always the best option. It will ensure that your workers always have a clean change of uniforms, hence also reducing downtime. Regardless of the amount of clothes or their fabrics, express laundry service providers will make sure all are cleaned and delivered within the same day so you can continue with your operations as planned.

Sometimes, you may have spotted a stain on the garment that you are planning to wear to an event on the very day. This can be humiliating, especially if the event has a strict dress code that all attendees must wear. Instead of running up and down in search of new clothes, simply hire same day laundry and dry cleaning services. Express laundry service will help you clean all the stains effectively and, as fast as possible so you do not miss the event.

If you are the kind of a person who is often busy at the office or constantly on business trips, same day laundry and dry cleaning is the most efficient alternative to ensure you always have a change of clean and fresh clothes. With express services, you can always leave your dirty clothes at the laundromart on your way to work and collect them later after work.

In fact, the service providers can even pick up the clothes for same day cleaning from your home or hotel and return them back clean. In this way, you will no longer be bothered with doing laundry. As a result of this, you will have the peace of mind to carry on with your normal responsibilities.

The Best Same Day Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

Laundry Service Singapore is the ideal place for professional same day laundry and dry cleaning services Singapore. In fact, many individuals and businesses in Singapore rely on us because of the high quality workmanship and reliability with which we deliver services. By choosing our company for express laundry and dry cleaning services, you are also guaranteed affordable rates that will no doubt suit your budget.

We offer same day laundry and dry cleaning services for all kinds of clothing including, office clothes, traditional wear, winter wear, uniforms, linens, gowns and robes, bedding, mascots and costumes, curtains among others. Regardless of the amount of clothes that you have, our company has the right equipment, cleaning products and personnel to make sure that all are properly cleaned and returned to you in just a few hours.

Due to our experience in laundry and dry cleaning, we clearly understand the best approaches to cleaning all fabrics. Whether your clothes are stained or just having mild dirt, we can help you revive their appearance in the shortest time. With us, you can always be sure that all your garments will be safely handled and returned in the best condition. Simply talk to us for the best same day laundry and dry cleaning service Singapore.


Stain removal is not guranteed