Garment, Clothing and Linen Laundry & Dry Cleaning

The clothes that we wear always have a greater bearing to our unique personalities and health. And, that is why it is always recommended that we get a change of clean garments and clothing daily. Clean and well-tendered clothes will not only enhance your personality but, also make you feel confident and comfortable as you go on your daily activities.

Owing to the busy schedules that many people have to keep up with today, finding the time to properly clean your garments, clothing and linens can be very challenging. Sometimes, you may not have enough space to dry all your clothes after washing. But, none of these should hinder you from having a clean change of clothes every day.

The best way to ensuring that all your garments, clothing and linens are kept clean and in pristine condition at all times is though hiring professional garment, clothing and linen laundry and dry cleaning services. Laundry Service Singapore is the right partner to always engage when seeking professional garment, clothing and linen laundry and dry cleaning.

At Laundry Service Singapore, we understand there are different kinds of garments, clothing and linens that people wear today. Thus, we provide a comprehensive garment laundry services portfolio that caters for a wide range of clothing.

Traditional Wear Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Traditional wear are special garments with unique materials and accessories that are worn to show love for specific cultures. Unlike other forms of garments, traditional wear are usually made with exquisite features that can be quite delicate and stressing to handle when doing laundry. Traditional wear laundry requires special handling, which we can effectively deliver.

We offer professional traditional wear laundry and dry cleaning services for various kinds of traditional clothing including;

Winter Wear Laundry and Dry Cleaning

As the name suggests, winter wear are clothing for the cold seasons. As a result of this, they are mainly made of heavy and padded fabrics to effectively cushion the body from the freezing temperatures experienced during cold months. Compared to other light fabrics, cleaning winter wear materials require a professional touch that only we can provide.

Our winter wear laundry and dry cleaning service covers various forms of winter clothing like;

Linen Garment Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Linen garments have a prestigious appeal, which is mainly because of the ultra soft and tender feel of the fabric. Unlike other materials, linen is very sensitive and, always requires special treatment when doing laundry.  In fact, cleaning linen garments even require specific water temperatures, which if you do not know could easily end up spoiling the entire clothing.

Instead of taking the risks, simply contact us for professional linen garment laundry and dry cleaning Singapore. We do laundry for all types of linen garments at affordable rates for every budget.

Gowns and Robes Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Gowns and robes are coveted garments for special occasions and occupations. Although the designs and materials vary from one to another, both gowns and robes are crafted with fluffy and heavy fabrics and, unique features that require different approaches when doing laundry. On your own, even cleaning just one robe or gown can take a lot of time and effort.

But, you can now easily avoid all the hassles with our professional gowns and robes laundry and dry cleaning service. Our gown and robes laundry services cater for the following;

Uniform Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Apart from learning institutions, uniforms are also used in a wide range of businesses for identity purposes. This means, if the uniforms are dirty and untidy, even the identity of the business will be in jeopardy. We offer professional uniform laundry and dry cleaning services that you can always rely on to preserve all your uniform garments in proper condition throughout.

Depending on your needs, we can provide professional uniform laundry services on same day basis, weekly or any other schedule that you prefer for unrivalled convenience.

Mascots and Costumes Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Mascots and costumes are important assets for branding and promotions. Since they are worn by people, it is always important that they are also kept clean and in proper condition throughout. But, owing to the unique designs and materials of mascots and costumes, cleaning them can be an uphill task without sufficient knowledge on how to handle each piece.

At Laundry Service Singapore, we now offer professional mascots and costumes laundry services to help you preserve the ones that you have in top notch condition without any stress. Through our services, you will be able to also enhance the quality of your mascots and costumes for greater efficiency and longevity.

Office Clothing Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Unlike other casual clothes worn at home or to social events, the clothing that you wear to the office should always be clean, neat and in pristine state. However, working in an office means you are often busy throughout the day. As a result of this, it is usually very hard to find sufficient time to the laundry for your official wear.

Instead of recycling dirty office clothing or interrupting your working schedule just to find time for cleaning your garments, simply hire professional office clothing laundry and dry cleaning services from Laundry Service Singapore. We offer office clothing laundry and dry cleaning for the following;

Get Professional Garment, Clothing and Linen Laundry Services Singapore

At Laundry Service Singapore, we are committed to the provision of highly reliable and affordable garment, clothing and linen laundry and dry cleaning services Singapore. We offer tailor made garment and clothing laundry packages that cater for all types of fabrics and budgets.

Simply talk to us for the best garment, clothing and linen laundry and dry cleaning services Singapore.

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