Laundry Services


In the fast paced world that we live in today, most people hardly find time to do laundry. However, that should not be a reason for you to wear untidy clothes. Putting on creased and dirty clothes will not only cause you discomfort but, also put you and the other people you interact with at risk of infections.

Failing to take proper care of your clothes will also quickly wear out their fabrics and colours, forcing you to buy new ones frequently. The best way to making sure that all your clothes remain clean and in top notch condition throughout is by hiring professional laundry services from Laundry Service Singapore.

We offer a wide range of professional laundry services that you can always acquire on-the-go to effortlessly and effectively preserve the value of all your clothes. In the delivery of our laundry services, we are always keen on reliability and affordability.

Our Laundry Services

Express Service

At Laundry Service Singapore, we provide the best express laundry service for those who may want their clothes cleaned and ready for use on the same day. In case you are running out of clean clothes or need to go on an urgent trip but, lack a change of clean clothes, simply get our professional same day laundry and dry cleaning service Singapore for convenience. Regardless of your location in Singapore or the volume of clothes, we will make sure all are properly cleaned and returned to you within the day.


The way in which your clothes are handled and kept after cleaning also has greater impacts on their quality. And, that is why is advisable to also nicely fold clothes after they are dried. To save you from all the hassles, we also offer the best wash, dry and folding service for all types of garments including, office wear, linens, bedding, uniforms and gowns and robes. Even if you did the cleaning by yourself, you can still have our personnel to help with folding and, offer advice on how to properly keep the clothes.


Ironing is always an integral procedure in laundry, which mainly helps with killing germs that cannot be eliminated by detergents. Besides, it is also important in removing creases formed during the washing or dry cleaning of clothes. However, there are different ironing approaches for various fabrics that could be very challenging to accomplish without sufficient information. At Laundry Service Singapore, we also provide professional laundry ironing services to keep all your clothes safe and appealing.

Stain Removal

There are different kinds of stains that can occur on clothes. Most of them usually come from food and drinks and dirt from the body and environment. Each of these stains requires unique approaches and products to effectively wipe them out from fabrics. Instead of struggling with stains on your own, simply talk to us for the best stain removal services. We clearly understand the most effective stain removal techniques and products for all kinds of fabrics to effortlessly revive the appearance of your clothes.

Dry and Wet Washing

If you do not understand the right procedures for dry and wet washing, it is always advisable that you do not attempt either of them on your clothes since that would only cause damage to your precious clothing. Our professionals have greater experience with both procedures, making sure all your clothes are given the best treatments that suit every fabric and colour. Besides, we have the best technologies for both procedures to ensure greater efficiency and safety in cleaning your garments.

Load Wash

Load wash and machine wash is always a convenient option for doing laundry. However, it requires that someone with knowledge about the use of washing machines is always there to monitor the progress and make sure the exercise is done as required. Besides, it also means you must have the machines, which are quite expensive. At Laundry Service Singapore, we have the best technologies and equipment to always deliver highly efficient and quick load and machine wash laundry services.

Door to Door

With us, you no longer have to walk or drive all the way to a laundromart to have your clothes cleaned. We offer door to door laundry services, which will enable you to always have all your laundry done right on location wherever you need. Our door to door laundry service will not only save you time but, money too. Besides, it will also save you from the hassles of taking your clothes to the laundromart every time for laundry. Our company has its own laundry equipment and trusted personnel to deliver the most reliable door to door laundry services.

Contract Laundry

To avoid the hassles of finding laundry and dry cleaning service providers each time you have dirty clothes, simply get our contract laundry services. We can always create a schedule to do the laundry for all your garments in any interval that best suits your needs. This will ensure all your clothes are preserved in the best condition at all times, hence greater convenience. Our company offers contract laundry services for individuals, households and businesses throughout Singapore.

Monthly Laundry

At Laundry Service Singapore, we understand there are also others who usually prefer to do their laundry at the end or start of every month. Thus, we also offer professional monthly laundry and dry cleaning services across Singapore.  This will ensure you have a pile of clean clothes to wear throughout the month and beyond. Compared to having your clothes cleaned daily, our monthly laundry and dry cleaning service is also very cost-effective, enabling you to spare some money on the side.

Get Professional Laundry Services Singapore

The right place to always acquire professional laundry services Singapore is Laundry Service Singapore. By choosing our company for laundry services, you are always guaranteed the best workmanship, offered at your own convenience. Besides, our laundry services are available in very competitive rates to suit every budget. Simply talk to us to get highly reliable, affordable and efficient laundry services Singapore.

Stain removal is not guranteed