Upholstery Laundry and Cleaning

Upholstery adds a unique stylish feel to the furniture and other furnishings used in your home’s interior decor. This means, just like rugs and carpets, they also play an important role in complementing your decor and the overall appeal of living spaces. However, upholstery is also one of the most neglected areas when cleaning. To find out why it is important to clean the upholstery of your sofas and other furnishings, refer to the benefits of professional upholstery laundry and cleaning below.

Benefits of Professional Upholstery Laundry and Cleaning

Upholstery is mainly made from fabrics and other exquisite materials, which can be quite challenging to handle during cleaning. Without adequate knowledge on how to clean the fabrics and materials, you could easily end up causing damage to the furnishings. Upholstery laundry and cleaning professionals have a better understanding of how to safely handle different fabrics and materials.

Most people usually think that upholstery cleaning only entails vacuuming. But, that is not true since vacuuming will only remove the loose dust and pet hair, leaving behind deeply embedded dirt, allergens and stains. These will not only discolour your furniture and furnishings but, also impact risks of infections. On the other hand, dirty upholstery will also make your home to look untidy.

By hiring a professional to do the laundry for your upholstery, you can always be sure that all the dirt, allergens, pet hair and stains deeply embedded into the fabrics are effectively flushed out. This will not only improve the appearance of the upholstery but, also their overall quality. Thorough upholstery cleaning can easily revive the gleam of the fabrics and furnishings, making them look as if they are new.

The improved appearance of the upholstery will not only enhance the aesthetics of your furniture and furnishings but, also the entire set up of the decor. During professional upholstery laundry and cleaning, the fabrics are treated with effective disinfectants and deodorants to flush out odours and pests, leaving them smelling fresh. This could also go a long way in improving the air quality in your home.

Professional upholstery laundry and cleaning is an important step towards maintaining proper hygiene in the home while also preserving the value of furnishings and furniture therein. Professional upholstery cleaning will keep your furniture and other decor accents looking good throughout, thereby also enhancing a sense of comfort in the home. Upholstery laundry will also significantly lengthen the lifespan of your furniture, which could easily save you from the huge costs of frequent furniture repair and maintenance.

The Best Upholstery Laundry and Cleaning Service Singapore

Laundry Service Singapore is the professional that you can always trust to deliver highly reliable upholstery laundry and cleaning service Singapore. With us, you are guaranteed professional and affordable upholstery cleaning services tailored to your needs and budget. To us, upholstery cleaning and laundry is not just about improving the appearance of your furniture and furnishings.

Instead, we go further to provide comprehensive upholstery laundry and cleaning services that will enhance the overall value of your furniture and furnishings. Before we clean the upholstery, we will first carefully check the specific materials they are made from and other aspects of their designs. It is only then that we will share with you the most suitable cleaning techniques and products for your upholstery.

Depending on the condition and materials of the upholstery, we apply various cleaning techniques which include vacuuming, steam cleaning among others. While doing this, we are always keen on the colours and designs of the upholstery to ensure that no harm is caused to the fabrics. We also use only recommended household cleaning products for upholstery laundry, proven effective for removing dirt, allergens and stains.

Upholstery usually attracts a lot of dirt and pathogens, which cannot be easily driven out by common cleaning procedures. As such, we employ innovative extraction techniques that work great in flushing out all kinds of dirt and pests. The cleaning products that we use serve both as disinfectants and deodorants, ideal for killing germs and eliminating odours from fabrics.

After doing the laundry and cleaning of your upholstery, we will also use safe and effective dryers to drive out all the moisture. With us, you can resume using the furniture and furnishings as soon as the upholstery cleaning task is over. Talk to us today for the best upholstery laundry and cleaning service Singapore.

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