Childcare Laundry Service


If you own a childcare centre, laundry is one of the essential tasks to always give priority to ensure that the kids in the facility have a clean and conducive environment to stay for the stipulated periods that they will be under your care. Although some usually opt to hire cleaners to take handle the laundry for kids’ clothing and garments, it often comes with a lot of risks that might easily end up impacting the health of kids.

The best way to always make sure that the clothing and garments used by kids in your childcare centre remain in pristine condition is through hiring professional childcare laundry service. In fact, you could not understand the benefits of professional childcare laundry service unless you try it out. The following are some of the main reasons why it is always advisable for childcare centres to acquire professional childcare laundry service;

Why Hire Professional Childcare Laundry Service

Childcare centres are specifically reserved for taking care of children, especially when their parents and guardians are away at work or on other commitments. Unlike teenagers and adults, children are usually very messy in their attempts to try and learn new things. As a result of this, their clothing and garments usually get dirty much faster. This requires their clothing and garments are cleaned and changed after every short while.

Considering the constant laundry that kids’ clothing and garments require, the tasks could easily prove overwhelming to regular cleaners.  That will not only impact poor workmanship but, also put the kids at risk. Whenever you hire professionals to take care of the laundry for kids in your childcare centre, they are always keen on reliable service delivery, which means the clothing and garments can always be done at your convenience and effectively.

Kids’ clothing and garments are usually made of very delicate materials that also require special cleaning procedures. Besides, as kids play, they collect a lot of dirt, germs and stains, which could be very challenging to deal with using ordinary cleaning techniques and products. However, professional have a better understanding of the right laundry methodologies and products for proper wet and dry wash as well as stain removal in kids clothing and garments.

Owing to the expertise and experience of professional childcare laundry service providers, there is also a guarantee that all the clothing and garments will be safely handled to preserve them in top notch condition over time. This could also save you from the burden of buying kids’ clothing and garments frequently just because of mistakes made during laundry. Even if the clothes have tough stains that seem difficult to eliminate, professionals can easily revamp their appearance to look as if they are new again.

With professional childcare laundry service, you will no longer have to worry about the cleaning tasks for the kid’s garments and clothing. Professionals can perform the best laundry for all the clothing and garments including, linens, curtains, bedding among others. This will give you peace of mind and an ample time to focus on the other needs for all the kids in your childcare centre.

The Best Childcare Laundry Service Singapore

Laundry Service Singapore is the right place to always acquire professional childcare laundry service in Singapore. Our company focuses on tailor made childcare laundry services that can always be delivered whenever and wherever you need in Singapore and, also at affordable rates for your budget.

In our work, we clearly understand that kids’ clothing and garments require special treatments, customized to their specific fabrics and conditions. Before we begin any cleaning task, we will carefully inspect all the clothing and garments for any hitches so they are properly fixed before the kids use them.

In performing childcare laundry, we use eco-friendly and safe cleaning products that have no impacts on the body and environment. Besides, our personnel know the most suitable cleaning techniques for handling children clothing and garments for the best results. Besides dry and wet wash and stain removal, we also do folding and ironing.

Depending on your needs, we can offer childcare laundry services instantly, daily, weekly, monthly or on contract basis. Whenever you rely on us, you are also guaranteed competitive rates that will no doubt suit the budget that you have. Simply talk to us for the best childcare laundry service Singapore.



Stain removal is not guranteed