Hanbok Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Hanbok is the traditional costume for the people of Korea, worn by both males and females. Although the designs of hanbok have significantly changed over the years, the costumes are still regarded as a key element of the Korean culture, mainly adorned during special occasions like, festivities and anniversaries.

Besides the graceful shape of hanbok, the costumes also come in striking colours and luxurious patterns that have had significant impacts on the modern fashion industry. Although the costumes are mainly designed using traditionally inspired elements, modern forms of hanbok incorporate diverse contemporary elements, creating a more transitional appeal.

One of hanbok’s main distinctive features is their unique lines, which are clearly visible during movements. Besides, hanbok also have a slim top and wide bottom, creating a unique design that looks incredible on the body. Traditional hanbok costumes were made with natural colours, giving a rich and long lasting lustre.

Tips for Hanbok Cleaning

While hanbok is a common Korean traditional costume worn by even people from other cultures, the costumes are often quite expensive. As a result of this, owning one is a gift that you should protect at all costs. The best way to preserve the quality and looks of your hanbok is through proper cleaning.

Unlike other common garments that we use on a daily basis, hanbok is made with unique fabrics and details that require special treatments during cleaning. As a result of this, there are specific guidelines that must be followed when doing laundry for hanbok.

Carefully read the labels

Hanbok was traditionally made with silk but, modern designs are now offered in various fabrics including, cotton. Therefore, it is important that you first read the labels to know the recommended cleaning techniques. Dry cleaning is the best technique for silk hanbok. Those made of cotton and other natural or synthetic materials can be cleaned by hand or machine washing.

Despite the material of your hanbok, always be gentle when the costume to avoid causing damage to the fabrics. The labels will not only guide you on the best cleaning techniques but, also other laundry procedures for the costumes like, ironing.

Choose the right cleaning products

Before you begin cleaning your hanbok, you should also find the desired cleaning products for the fabrics. There are some fabrics like, silk that can be easily damaged by certain detergents. If you do not know the right cleaning agents for the fabrics of your hanbok, it is advisable to simply let an expert do the laundry.

Clean bright colours separately

Considering the artificial dyes used on modern hanbok, ‘’colour bleeding’’ is a reality that you should expect. Besides adding salt to the water used for cleaning the costume, it is also important to always clean brightly coloured hanboks separately. Cleaning bright colours separately may not prevent ‘colour bleeding’ but, will ensure that the costumes do not cause discolouration to those in plain and light dyes.

Dry the costumes under a shade in an upright position

Direct sunlight can have dire impacts on your hanbok, especially if it is made from silk. Even if the one that you have is made of synthetic materials, it is not recommended to dry it on direct sunlight. In case you are using a dryer, make sure you know the correct temperatures for the fabric of the costume.

While drying the costume under a shade, try to keep it in an upright position using a hanger so it does not get crumpled or creased. This means, you will also need adequate space to dry the hanbok.

Professional Hanbok Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

The guidelines discussed above can take you a long way towards cleaning your hanbok. However, the procedure can still be challenging considering the various aspects that must be looked into when doing hanbok laundry. To easily avoid the inconvenience of doing hanbok laundry on your own, simply hire professional hanbok laundry and dry cleaning service.

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