Baju Kurung Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Baju Kurung is a traditional garment for Malay females but,  is now being developed for males too. The design of the costumes are marked by loose fitting and colourful fabrics with intricate patterns. Originally, Baju Kurung was made from silk and chiffon but, modern developments have seen the integration of different materials like, wool, satin and nylon.

The fabrics of Baju Kurung are enhanced with special lace and embroidery designs that incorporate beads and jewellery. The garment has long sleeves, stretching to the wrist and, a long skirt for females. Although the costumes usually come in varying designs and measure-to-fit sizes, there are key features shared by all.

Baju Kurung is inspired by the cekak musang style, which is expressed with a standing collar comprising of about five or four button holes and a long sleeve top and matching ankle length skirt. Due to the shifting fashion trends, modern Baju Kurung costumes are accorded sophisticated designs and accessories including, headscarf and jackets.

Tips for Cleaning Baju Kurung

Unlike office clothing or other casual clothes that we wear on a daily basis, Baju Kurung is crafted using luxurious fabrics, sophisticated patterns and extravagant colours. As a result of this, you cannot expect to clean them just the same way you do laundry for other common clothing. The garments require special care and treatments while cleaning to preserve their appearance, colours and strength.

Without knowing the recommended cleaning methods and products, you can easily end up spoiling the costumes. Remember, even simple mistakes when doing laundry for your Baju Kurung could significantly cut short the life of the garment, costing you a lot of money in the long term. At Laundry Service Singapore, we believe it is our responsibility to help you keep your traditional garments clean and looking great throughout.

The following are some key pointers for cleaning Baju Kurung;

  • Avoid using machine wash for Baju Kurung. Due to the extravagant lace and beaded detailing and sensitive nature of the fabrics of Baju Kurung, machine wash can easily cause damage to the garments. The safest way to handling them is through hand wash.
  • Use cold water to clean Baju Kurung. Cold water is not only eco-friendly but, also very safe for fabrics with sophisticated features like, jewellery and beadworks, common in Baju Kurung.
  • Always air dry your costumes. Owing to the lace designs, beads and jewellery components of Baju Kurung, using a heated dryer on them could easily cause harm to the details and entire fabric. In fact, you should not even tumble dry Baju Kurung.
  • Clean bright colours separately. To preserve the bright colours of your Baju Kurung, it is also advisable that you clean them separately from dark and light coloured garments. Washing costumes with different colours together can easily impact stains and discolouration.
  • Avoid scrubbing silk and chiffon fabrics. Even if your costume has hardened stains, scrubbing them off is always discouraged to protect the fibres. Due to the delicate nature of silk and chiffon, the intense pressure that comes with scrubbing can easily create a coarse texture, making the costume uncomfortable to the skin.

Besides the above pointers, there are several other precautions that should also be taken when doing Baju Kurung laundry to preserve their value. And, that is why most people have often been challenged with cleaning Baju Kurung. Instead of taking the risks, simply get professional Baju Kurung laundry and dry cleaning services Singapore.

Get Professional Baju Kurung Laundry and Dry Cleaning Singapore

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Stain removal is not guranteed