Cleanroom & Lab Coat Laundry Service


Cleanrooms can be simply described as laboratories. Just like their name suggests, cleanrooms also require high standards of hygiene in order to serve their intended purposes.  Besides just lab coats, there are several other fabrics used in cleanrooms like, curtains, costumes and garments. All should be kept clean and in pristine conditions to prevent contaminations that could jeopardise the results of the tests conducted therein.

In smaller cleanrooms, operators usually opt to their laundry independently by hiring regular cleaners. On the other hand, larger cleanrooms invest in in-house laundry equipment. However, both options have greater demands that could easily result into inconvenience and, also impact huge operational costs on your establishment. The best way to taking care of your cleanroom’s hygiene is through professional cleanroom and lab coat laundry service.

Why Hire Professional Cleanroom and Lab Coat Laundry Service

While an in-house laundry facility can always seem like a convenient option for doing the laundry of your lab coats and other fabrics used therein, it costs a lot of money to set up, maintain and operate the facility. Besides, operating the facility also requires compliance with industry regulations, which could give you a lot of headache. Whenever you hire professional cleanroom laundry service, you will no longer have to bother about any of these.

Professional cleanroom and lab coat laundry service providers have their own equipment and products for the tasks, hence, eliminating the need for setting up costly in-house laundry equipment in your cleanroom. In the long term, this could help you to significantly cut down the operational costs and expenditure for your establishment. Besides, having professionals to do the laundry will also give you peace of mind to focus on other important activities.

Most regular cleaners are only used to doing a handful laundry tasks and, having them to take care of the entire laundry for your cleanroom could be  quite overwhelming. As a result of this, they are likely to do a shoddy job, leaving the garments with stain. If the garments are too many, they may also not be able to do the laundry within the stipulated times, impacting inconvenience on your part.

Professional cleanroom and lab coat laundry service providers have many years’ experience on the job, which enables them to clearly understand the most suitable approaches for cleaning different kinds of fabrics and stains with so much ease. Coupled with the innovative laundry technologies that they integrate in their procedures, there is always a guarantee that all the tasks will be performed quickly so you are never inconvenienced in any way.

By hiring a professional to take care of the laundry for your cleanroom and lab coats, you can also be sure that all your garments and clothing will be safely handled. Unlike the common laundry techniques and products, professionals will carefully choose and use only the recommended approaches for cleaning the specific types of fabrics that you have. In fact, professional cleanroom laundry services are mainly aimed at preserving the value of garments over time.

Generally, hiring professional cleanroom and lab coat laundry service will save you a lot of time and money while also keeping your garments in top notch condition.

Get the Best Cleanroom & Lab Coat Laundry Service Singapore

If you are looking for professional cleanroom and lab coat laundry service in Singapore, Laundry Service Singapore is always the right partner to engage. Our company continues to attract a wide range of establishments across Singapore mainly because of our commitment to comprehensive, affordable and highly reliable cleanroom laundry services.

We understand there is a wide range of garments and clothing used in cleanrooms. Thus, our cleanroom and lab coat laundry service caters for lab coats, costumes, linens, curtains and other garments used therein. Depending on your needs and the conditions of the garments, we can perform dry and wet washing, stain removal, folding and ironing for all the garments.

Since different cleanrooms have unique work schedules, our laundry services are offered on very flexible terms that will enable you to get the best service at your own convenience. We provide cleanroom and lab coat laundry services on daily, weekly or monthly basis and, also at affordable rates for every budget.

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Stain removal is not guranteed