Spa and Salon Laundry Service


Spas and salons are ideal places where people go to get beauty and other therapeutic treatments. As such, they too are always required to maintain high levels of hygiene in order to appeal to clients. One of the best ways that can help you achieve the desired hygienic standards in your spa and salon is regular and proper laundry.

Even in small spas and salons, there are a wide range of textiles and garments used when conducting beautification treatments. Apart from just the towels, uniforms and costumes, the curtains and linens in your spa and salon should also be effectively cleaned daily on a day to day basis in order to maintain a refreshing atmosphere therein.

Although some spa and salon operators may opt to do the laundry on their own, this usually comes with so much inconvenience that would significantly impair your service delivery. If your salon operates throughout the week, it can be very hard to even get sufficient time to do the laundry. The best option to consider is professional spa and salon laundry service.

Benefits of Professional Spa and Salon Laundry Service

While some spa and salon operators consider doing their laundry on their own, such measures can cost you a lot of time and money. Take for instance, having your employees do the laundry means they will have to stop their work at some point. As a result of this, you may not be able to fully cater for your customers as required, impacting downtime and, eventually cutting your revenues.

Although having an in-house laundry facility in your spa and salon might look like a convenient option, operating the facility comes with huge additional costs that could also jeopardise your profit margins. But, there is no need to get into all that trouble when you can simply hire professional spa and salon laundry services. Professionals have their own laundry equipment, personnel and products to do the job right and, at your own convenience.

In spas and salons where they are various kinds of beauty treatments offered, you can always expect a lot of stains while doing laundry. However, not all the stains can be effectively wiped off using the common stain removal procedures. Without proper knowledge on stain removal, you could even end up spoiling your fabrics.

Professional spa and salon laundry service providers understand the most suitable and effective approaches to dealing with various kinds of stains and fabrics. Whenever you hire professional spa and salon laundry services, you are always guaranteed that all your fabrics and linens will be safely handled and thoroughly cleaned.

Besides just their expertise, they also integrate proven cleaning technologies with quality products to deliver the best results on every garment that they clean. Regardless of the conditions of your towels, curtains, linens, uniforms and costumes, professional salon and spa laundry is the best alternative to reviving their appearance and quality.

Through professional spa and salon laundry services, you can also choose when and how the cleaning should be done. In fact, you can either opt for same day, weekly or monthly spa and salon laundry service, which makes it highly convenient since you can always have your laundry done at any time and, also within the shortest period of time. With all these benefits, you will no doubt be able to save time and money while also preserving the value of your spa and salon garments.

Get the Best Spa and Salon Laundry Service Singapore

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Our spa and salon laundry service caters for a wide range of fabrics and items including, towels, curtains, linens, uniforms, costumes and upholstery. Apart from wet and dry washing, we also do stain removal, folding and ironing. However, you are always free to choose the particular laundry services to be offered based on your needs and budget.

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Stain removal is not guranteed