Fur Coat Laundry and Dry Cleaning

A fur coat is one of the most common winter wear found in almost everyone’s wardrobe. Fur coats are traditionally made of real fur but, there are also quite a number made of synthetic fibres. Despite the materials of fur coats, the garments are always incredible in cushioning the body against the chilly winter months.

Compared to other winter clothing like, scarf and shawl, fur coats are quite costly. As a result of this, it is very important that you know how to take proper care of the one that you have. However, fur coats are also made with heavy and fluffy fabrics that can be quite challenging to handle when doing laundry.

Benefits of Professional Fur Coat Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Coats that made from real fur are usually more long lasting and age gracefully compared to other common garments. The main reason for this is because; real fur contains natural protectants like, oils that are continuously released from the hairs. These protectants help with keeping the coats looking good over time.

Despite the natural protectants of fur, the coats can still easily accumulate dirt, stains and grease from the atmosphere and body. If fur coats are left without proper care, these substances can easily create a layer, hindering the oils and other natural protectants from working as desired. This will not only cause abrasions but, also quickly wear out your coat.

Professional fur coat laundry and dry cleaning is always the best way to taking care of your fur coats. Besides just removing the accumulated dirt on the coat, professional cleaning will also ensure that your garments are accorded the best treatments to keep them in pristine condition throughout.

Fur coat laundry experts have a better understanding of the most suitable cleaning techniques for all types of fur coats regardless of the fabrics. This ensures that your coat will be safely handled throughout the entire cleaning process. On the other hand, professional fur laundry will also save you quite a lot of time.

On your own, cleaning a fur coat can take so much time and effort. But professionals use highly effective and efficient techniques and products that ensure the procedures are handled quickly at your own convenience. Professional fur coat laundry will not only keep the garments clean but, also significantly extend their lifetime.

Get the Best Fur Coat Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

When looking for professional fur coat laundry and dry cleaning service Singapore, Laundry Service Singapore is the right place to always turn to. Having been doing winter wear laundry for many years, we clearly understand what it takes to give your fur coat a new and fresh look. With us, you are always guaranteed reliable laundry services tailored to your needs.

There are various techniques that we apply in fur coat laundry and dry cleaning services. However, we will first carefully inspect your coat to determine the material, details and other features. This is important in choosing the most suitable techniques and products for cleaning every fur coat.

In case your coat is stained, we will also deal with the stains first before embarking on the actual cleaning procedure. We use special cleaning detergents for fur coats, which are effective in eliminating all kinds of stains including, grime, food and drinks among others. Besides, the detergents that we use are also great in preserving the colours of your fur coat.

If your fur coat has hardened stains that cannot effectively be eliminated by common methods, we can also apply the saw dust technique. This procedure mainly involves the use of saw dust, which is evenly spread over the stains and left to sit there overnight. The areas are then vacuumed and effectively cleaned, leaving your fur coat spotless.

Due to the high sensitivity and delicate nature of natural fur, we always prefer natural drying by hanging the garments under a shade. In case you may be in a hurry to use the coat, we also have the best garment drying technologies. The cleaning products that we use serve both as disinfectants and deodorants, hence, leaving your coats in safe condition and, also smelling fresh.

Whether your fur coat is made of natural fur or synthetic fabrics, talk to us for professional fur coat laundry and dry cleaning service Singapore.

Stain removal is not guranteed