Kimono Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Kimono is a renowned traditional costume, worn by Japanese males and females. Until the 19th century, Kimono was the main form of clothing, adorned by everyone in Japan. Although this has changed over the years due to the influx of Western cultures, Kimono still remains a significant traditional costume that gives the Japanese people their true identity.

Today, kimonos are available in numerous types for different occasions and seasons. There are those for daily use, some for traditional performances and others for special occasions like, weddings. In the old days, kimonos were made of silk but, conventional pieces can now be obtained in wool and unique synthetic materials.

The designs and constructions of kimonos have significantly changed over the years. But, the concept of the costumes is still upheld regardless of the patterns, colours or the types of fabrics used. Some of the most common types of kimono include, furisode, Edo Komon, shiromuku among others.

Kimonos are crafted using various forms of simple and complex art including, floral accents, geometrics and abstract patterns. The costumes are also available in plain, light and extravagant colours for every occasion. Unlike most traditional wear, kimono comprises of several parts, which can give you a lot of headache when doing laundry.

Tips for Cleaning Kimono

Despite the greater significance of kimonos in the Japanese culture, they are not very common today. Most people shy away from buying the garments mainly because, they are expensive and challenging to handle when doing laundry.

Consider the fabrics

Although there are different cleaning techniques for garments, not all can work on kimono. To avoid problems, it is advisable that you first look into the materials of the costume. If your kimono is entirely made of silk, dry cleaning is always the best option. For other fabrics like, wool, machine and hand washing techniques can be used. However, you should always be careful to avoid aggressive cleaning, which could harm the fabrics and details of the costumes.

Do not use bleach detergents on multi-coloured kimonos

If your kimono has different colours like many types offered in the market today, using detergents with bleach or chlorine agents is highly discouraged. This is because, such detergents can easily impact discolouration, spoiling the appearance and quality of the costumes. For white kimonos, bleach can be a great detergent in preserving the colour.

Dry you kimono in a well ventilated space under a shade

Drying your silk kimono on direct sunlight can impact irreversible harm. In fact, you should not even use a dryer on your kimono. After cleaning, simply hang the costume on a hanger under a shade. In case it has wrinkles or creases, a dry iron is the best. However, the temperatures should be kept low at about 140 to 160 degrees.

Apart from the tips for cleaning kimono discussed above, you should also carefully check the labels of the costumes to be sure of the recommended cleaning procedures. After doing the laundry, it is also advisable to keep the costumes in properly ventilated areas. Never store the costumes in boxes or areas where they will be creased.

On your own, cleaning a kimono can no doubt be very stressful considering you have to find the right cleaning detergents, sufficient time to do the laundry and, spaces for drying the costumes. But, there is no need going through all the stress when you can simply hire professional kimono laundry and dry cleaning service Singapore.

Professional Kimono Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

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