Winter Wear Laundry & Dry Cleaning


Even during the winter season, everyone wants to step out looking clean and fresh. However, winter garments can be quite a hustle to clean at home due to the heavier and delicate materials they are usually made of. Most fabrics like, wool and leather suede require special care that can be very challenging. At Laundry Service Singapore, we are the right partner that you can always trust for professional winter wear laundry and dry cleaning service Singapore.

We focus on giving the best services, tailored to the needs of every client. We ensure your garment is accorded the best care, customized to its fabric, design and other features for the best results. In this way you will be able to confidently step out into the cold weather whenever and wherever you wish. Through our professional winter wear laundry and dry cleaning service, you will also be able to significantly improve the quality of your garments.

Our Winter Wear Laundry and Cleaning Services

Fur Coat Laundry and Dry Cleaning

A fur coat is an incredible fashion piece that stands apart in every season. Similar to other garments, fur coats also require proper maintenance to stay in top notch condition. One of the greatest concerns about fur materials is the natural oils in the pelts drying out. Without sufficient knowledge on the maintenance of fur, these protectants can quickly start to depreciate, causing the coat to wear out.

Taking care of fur coats can be stressing to most people but, with professional fur coat laundry and dry cleaning services, you can now easily maintain the one that you have in the bet condition over time. Without looking any further, simply get in touch with us for the best fur coat laundry and dry cleaning service Singapore.

Sweater and Cardigan Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Sweaters and cardigans usually come in a wide range of materials. One of the most common ones is cashmere sweater, which is soft comfortable unique wool from mountain goats. Another material is cotton that is much lighter and cooler. Alpaca is also a quality fabric that has been around for many years. Despite the fabric of your sweater or cardigan, all require special care in order to remain looking great over time.

Different sweater and cardigans have different cleaning processes. Sweaters are prone to stretching and also pilling, which means they should always be handled with a lot of care during laundry. Besides, they also come in different colors that can also experience color bleeding if you do not know the correct cleaning procedures. But, there is no need taking all the risks when Laundry Service Singapore can provide the best sweater and cardigan laundry and dry cleaning service at your own convenience.

Scarf and Shawl Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Scarves and shawls are common accessories whose applications go beyond just the winter season. A shawl is a simple cloth that is wrapped around the neck, upper body and arms. Sometimes, it is worn around the head. A scarf is a bit thin and longer accessory mainly worn around the neck. Like other clothing accessories, scarves and shawls also require regular cleaning to maintain their texture, colors and overall quality.

Even shawls made of pashmina, which are known to retain their beauty over decades, can only remain in proper condition if accorded the best care. Despite the fabric of your scarf and shawl, you can only keep them looking great through professional scarf and shawl laundry and dry cleaning. In fact, dry cleaning is usually the best technique for taking care of scarves and shawls.

As the winter season sets in, it is important that all your scarves and shawls are clean and ready so you do not start running up and down in search of a laundry laundromat at the last minute. At Laundry Service Singapore, we offer professional and reliable scarf and shawl laundry and dry cleaning services that you can always hire at your convenience.

Leather Suede Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Leather suede is a much softer type of natural leather. This type of leather gets dirty easily and, can experience stains if exposed to moisture or water, which means it some special care in order to preserve its condition. However, natural skins can be difficult to clean if you do not know the right procedures and products for the tasks. Unlike other materials, removing stains from and restoring leather suede jackets can be a complex process.

Due to the complexity of handling leather suede laundry, even cleaning one jacket can be very humiliating without knowledge on the appropriate procedures and products. In fact, you could spend several hours doing the laundry and still fail to get the best results on your own. Instead of going through all the hassles, simply get professional leather suede laundry and dry cleaning services from our company.

We understand the best cleaning techniques and products for leather suede to always give your jackets the best care and protection against the impacts of harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Get the Best Winter Wear Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services Singapore

When looking for professional winter wear laundry and dry cleaning services Singapore, Laundry Service Singapore is the ideal partner to engage. And, you do not have to even come to us; our personnel can always pick up all your garments, do the laundry and bring them back to your doorstep at your own convenience. In fact, we can even do the cleaning right on location.

At Laundry Service Singapore, we focus on highly reliable winter wear laundry and dry cleaning services, which can be delivered on your own schedule. You can opt for express, weekly or monthly laundry and dry cleaning for all your clothes. In this way, you can be sure that you will always have clean and fresh clothes to keep you warm throughout the winter season.

We offer affordable winter wear laundry and dry cleaning services for every budget. Get in touch with us now for professional winter wear laundry and dry cleaning service Singapore.

Stain removal is not guranteed