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Dry and wet wash are common procedures in laundry that most people are frequented with almost on a daily basis. However, many do not really understand the difference between the two. And, as a result of this, accomplishing the tasks continues to be a difficult endeavour for quite a number of households and businesses.

Although there are guidelines on how to perform dry and wet wash online and even on labels of various garments, you can only attain success if you truly understand the procedures. Instead of going through all the stress, it is always advisable to acquire professional dry and wet washing and laundry services from Laundry Service Singapore.

Difference between Dry and Wet Washing

Dry wash is one of the most complex cleaning techniques, which does not use water as a cleaning solvent. Modern day dry wash is performed by immersing garments in special dry cleaning equipment with dissolving agents to wipe off dirt and stains. The main dissolving agents used include hydrocarbon solvents and tetrachloroethylene, which are mild and aggressive cleaners respectively.

After the cleaning process is done, the solvents are emptied as the garments are tumble dried in the machine. The benefit of dry wash is that it can effectively eliminate stubborn stains and dust mites that cannot be wiped off using water and conventional detergents. In dry cleaning, the solvents do not penetrate the fabrics being washed, thus, minimizes wrinkles and shrinkage. Besides, dry wash is gentle on fabrics and can also preserve colours better.

One thing about dry wash is that it can also cause damage to delicate materials like, silk, cashmere and wool.

Wet wash on the other hand, relies on water as the main solvent with detergents to facilitate the cleaning process. This is the common washing technique that most people are used to. Just like washing clothes in a basin, wet washing machines use water, detergents and other cleaning additives to spin the clothes over and over, removing dirt and loose stains. The clothes are then removed from the washer and hanged outside or placed in a dryer to remove the moisture.

Unlike dry wash, wet wash entails the spinning of garments that impacts creases and shrinkage. However, it is quite effective in cleaning soiled garments and other loose dirt that are not deeply embedded onto fabrics. Wet wash is suitable for a wide range of garments including, bedding. Due to the shrinkage that occurs to wet washed garments, it is always advisable that they are pressed or steamed after cleaning to relax the materials.

As discussed above, you can realise there are unique advantages and disadvantages of dry and wet wash. As a result of that, attempting dry or wet wash without knowing the merits and demerits of each as well as the steps and products for accomplishing each of them could have devastating impacts on your garments. In fact, even using the wrong detergents could cost you your precious clothing and garments.

Get the Best Dry & Wet Washing and Laundry Services Singapore

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