Pick Up & Drop Off Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service


Pick up and drop off dry cleaning & laundry service is always a convenient option for those who do not want to be caught up in the hassles of doing laundry. As the title suggests, the service provider will collect your clothes and garments, do the laundry and return them to the required location. This means, you do not have to physically visit the laundromat in order to have your laundry done.

Hiring pick up and drop off dry cleaning & laundry services will not only save you time but, could also help you spare some money in the long term. With just one phone call, text or email to the service providers, they will respond in the shortest time to collect the garments and clothes to be cleaned, perform the laundry and, drop them off at your own convenience. This will also give you the peace of mind to focus on your normal chores without worrying about doing laundry.

Choosing the Best Pick up & Drop off Dry Cleaning and Laundry Company

While there are lots of companies offering pick up & drop off dry cleaning and laundry services in Singapore, not all have what it takes to meet your unique demands. In fact, many companies that brag about offering free pick up and drop off laundry only do so to attract more clients.

Guide in Choosing the Best Company for Pick Up and Drop Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service


The right laundry and dry cleaning service provider should be registered and licensed to offer the services in Singapore. Before you hire any company for pick up and drop off laundry, demand proof of their accreditation to be sure that they can be trusted to provide satisfactory services. You can also read a few reviews of laundry and dry cleaning companies in Singapore for help with choosing the right people for the job.

If you have friends, colleagues or family members who have acquire pick up and drop off dry cleaning and laundry services in Singapore, try to also seek referrals from them about the best service providers to consider.

Laundry services offered

Since laundry procedures usually vary based on types of fabrics and their conditions, it is always advisable that you hire someone with adequate knowledge on different cleaning approaches. An ideal company for pick up and drop off laundry should be able to safely and effectively administer all the required laundry procedures for your clothes and garments. For convenience, find a company that offers wet and dry washing, stain removal, folding and ironing.

In case you need laundry services for your home, consider a service provider that specializes in household and garment laundry. On the other hand, businesses should opt for companies that offer professional commercial, corporate and industrial laundry services. Other laundry services that you can also get from professional laundry companies include, door to door laundry, express service or same day laundry and load wash.

When checking the services offered, you should also be keen on the types of garments or clothing that they handle since some only cater for specific fabrics. An ideal pick up and drop off dry cleaning and laundry service provider should cater for all garments and clothing.


When seeking pick up & drop off dry cleaning and laundry services, it is also of great importance to check the reliability with which they offer the services. An ideal service provider should be able to quickly respond to your laundry needs whenever and wherever you wish. Even if you always do your laundry on a weekly basis, there are times whereby you may require the services urgently. As a result of this, you need a company that works round-the-clock to take care of your laundry and dry cleaning.

Laundry and dry cleaning companies operate on different schedules but, the right one should have flexible schedules that will enable you to always get laundry services at your own convenience. The best company to consider should be one that offers same day, weekly, monthly and contract laundry and dry cleaning services.

Laundry Service Singapore is the right pick up and drop off dry cleaning & laundry service provider that you should engage when seeking household, commercial, corporate and industrial laundry services in Singapore.

Stain removal is not guranteed